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By working with me 1:1, in a group coaching programme or through a self-paced online course, my clients learn how to flip their limiting beliefs, articulate their strengths positively and show up authentically. Once the door to their potential is unlocked, they find anything is possible.

When I chose flourishing as my preferred way of being, so many more possibilities opened up for me. Or maybe I just noticed more of them.

I wonder what you will notice?

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One to one coaching services

1 to 1 Coaching

Some introverts prefer to work 1:1, so I always ensure that I have the capacity for a few personal clients. Our work together is not just 1:1 training, where we follow a set programme. It is genuine coaching where we work with the issues you bring on the day so that you make steady and sustainable progress. This is a fabulous option for those who need space and time to find their answers, or whose schedules are difficult.

£900 for 3 x 90 minute sessions
(+ VAT where applicable)

Introvert Rising Services box

Power Hour

So you've got a pressing issue you'd like to explore.
You don't think you need a course and you don't need a series of coaching sessions.
You just want an understanding sounding board and/or to pick my introverted brain.
What you need is a Power Hour.
Click the button below to book a time that suits us both in my calendar.

£250 (+ VAT where applicable)


Flip Your Limiting Beliefs

In this invaluable course, you’ll discover how to realistically update your limiting beliefs, so that you stop holding yourself back. Amazing things happen when you get out of your own way!

Once you have purchased this course, you'll have lifetime access.

(inc. VAT where applicable)

Introvert Rising

This focused 5 module group programme is delivered live over 7 weeks. It also includes weekly (optional) group coaching sessions. The programme is built around intentional change, so you'll start with reconnecting who and where you really are before looking at where you aspire to be. Delegate numbers are limited

(inc. VAT where applicable)

Split payment available

Free Resources

Services box image for Mastering Meeting Guide Resource

Are you fed up of meetings where you’re not given time to think or contribute? You need my Mastering Meetings Guide

Battery Boosters Free resource

Do you ever have one of those days when you just have to keep going? Then download my free Brilliant Battery Boosters and start using the quick top-up techniques right away.

Discover Your Introvert Type services box

If you're not sure of the strengths associated with your unique type of introversion (there are 6 pure types and many many blends)
...take the quiz!

This is my vision!

I imagine a world where the inherent qualities of an introvert are understood, valued and encouraged in the education system, in the workplace and in society. This vision inspires me every day prompted my enduring mantra “Purpose Plus Passion Trumps Fear”.

I believe it’s time to acknowledge this aspect of neurodiversity to unlock the potential of introverts and enable them to play to their authentic strengths.

Clinging on to and perpetuating the extravert ideal is damaging individuals, organisations and society.

Joanna Rawbone of Flourishing Introverts

I realised that I wasn’t exuding my full potential in the workplace, which left me feeling frustrated, as thought I was short-changing myself.

Participating in the Introvert Emerging programme opened the door for deeper insights to the self, provided phenomenal tools & a springboard to leap towards living my full potential.

~ Tebogo M

My Approach

My approach to flourishing is unique because of 5 key ingredients;

  • Practical experience; I have decades of experience designing & delivering personal and management development programmes around the world.
  • Qualifications; My MSc in Change Agent Skills & Strategies enables me to really understand how individuals and organisations grow & change, whilst my certificates in Executive Coaching and confidence building I also happen to be a certified Myers Briggs (MBTI) practitioner.
  • Intent; I have a clear vision of what a future free from the extraversion bias looks like and this guides everything I do with Flourishing Introverts.
  • Personal experience; I am an introvert and whilst I know that label offers useful categorisation, I am not defined or constrained by it. I do not use it as an excuse.
  • My values; Courage, Independence, Curiosity, Thirst for learning, Practical, Kindness, Integrity & Authenticity. These shape my business values and I’m proud to be held to them.

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