Ep 88 Why it’s Important to Help People Understand Introversion

The Flourishing Introverts Talks Podcast
The Flourishing Introverts Talks Podcast
Ep 88 Why it's Important to Help People Understand Introversion

It’s time to shift the extraversion bias. And while there are a number of resources we can share to help those around us understand introversion better, if we do nothing, nothing will change. In this episode, Joanna reveals why and how it comes down to us to take our rightful place in business, society, and even families.


It’s time for the introverts to become activists and advocates for introversion. Will you do your part? Tune in and learn how.



  • Introverts can be found in all walks of life 
  • How to shift the extraversion bias 
  • Dispelling the myths around introversion – proactively 
  • The power of being the initiator 
  • Creating boundaries and defending them firmly 



The power of introverts | ted.com/talks/susan_cain_the_power_of_introverts?language=en

Tackling Extraversion Bias to unlock the potential of Introverts | youtu.be/QD7GXMeH4yI

Who are you, really? The puzzle of personality | ted.com/talks/brian_little_who_are_you_really_the_puzzle_of_personality


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