Ep 68 What’s Your Story, Introvert Glory

The Flourishing Introverts Talks Podcast
The Flourishing Introverts Talks Podcast
Ep 68 What's Your Story, Introvert Glory

We all know of countless stories that have stood the test of time; stories that have inspired us, have taught us invaluable lessons, and have moved us deeply. So what makes stories so powerful, and how can you use them as a tool to create meaningful connections with those around you? In this episode, Joanna takes a dive into the art of storytelling and shows us the importance of having your own story to tell. You will also uncover the different ways in which stories can be told, and learn how to be authentic in your storytelling. Tune in now and tap into the power of stories with Joanna. 



  • Why is storytelling so powerful?  
  • Important factors of effective storytelling. 
  • How to see the opportunity for learning in every story. 
  • The different types of stories. 



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