Ep 94 Flourishing Personified with Kari Fox

The Flourishing Introverts Talks Podcast
The Flourishing Introverts Talks Podcast
Ep 94 Flourishing Personified with Kari Fox

In this episode, Joanna welcomes Kari Fox, founder of Harmony Enterprises, whose motto is: “Live in harmony with the infinite wisdom that dreamed you into being”. 


Studying and teaching a myriad of healing and metaphysical modalities for over 40 years, Kari has focused her last decade on mentoring wounded women, guiding them in how to “Get Your MOJO Back”. Tune in as she shares the concept that we are all just a sliver of cosmic consciousness incarnate meant to have a grand adventure. With purpose and intention, we designed ourselves and our lives to live – laugh – love, and be happy.



  • Kari’s journey from wounded woman to laughing fox
  • Get your mojo back – regain your lust for life
  • Is Kari an introvert?
  • Let go of your old stories 
  • Kari’s inspiration and future endeavors
  • What is human design?
  • Have your grand adventure!



Contact Kari Fox directly at kari.fox@harmonyenterprises.net 

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“Feel Loved, Nurtured, and Supported”



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