Ep 75 In Conversation with Mary Alice Arthur

The Flourishing Introverts Talks Podcast
The Flourishing Introverts Talks Podcast
Ep 75 In Conversation with Mary Alice Arthur

Meet Mary Alice Arthur, a story activist and author on a mission to help others find their most authentic selves through storytelling. In this episode, we invite her to share her journey as a story activist with us, and how she discovered its limitless potential to move, impact, and empower people. 

Find out how to use storytelling as a tool to break unhealthy narratives we believe about ourselves, embrace other unique perspectives, and equitably bring every voice into the room. You will also learn about masculine and feminine storytelling, the evolution of story structures, and her biggest advice for introverts! 

So join in on the insightful conversation, and take a glimpse into the power of storytelling with Joanna and Mary today. 



  • How stories bring us closer to the truth. 
  • How to create an authentic vision of yourself as an introvert.
  • Masculine storytelling vs. Feminine storytelling. 
  • The evolution of story frames and structures over time. 
  • How to honor the introvert and their unique perspectives.  
  • Ways we can equitably and thoughtfully bring every voice into the room. 
  • Tapping into the power of invitation. 
  • About 365 ALIVE!: Find your voice. Claim your story. Live your brilliant life



Mary Alice Arthur


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