Ep 229 Motivation – What Lights You Up?



It is time to explore the complexities of motivation from our perspective as introverts. The billion dollar question is what motivates us, and what about our team members?


The best motivation isn’t something we can ‘do to others’ but something that comes from within, and for us, a calm & positive environment does act as a catalyst.


We dive into intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation and its impact on us as individuals. I discuss why for introverts, internal satisfaction typically plays a more significant role in driving our actions than external rewards do.


It is time that leaders focus on creating relevant conditions for their teams to tap into their personal motivations, leading to greater empowerment and engagement.


Key Points


  • The strongest motivation comes from within.
  • Intrinsic vs Extrinsic: Enduring vs Short-lived.
  • Importance of conducive environment.





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