Ep 219 So You’re An Introvert – Now What


Being an Open Introvert myself and not discovering that until my 30s, in this episode I venture into a topic that hits close to home for we introverts – discovering your introversion later in life.

I discuss how this realisation can be pivotal in enabling us to understand our introversion better and use the natural strengths it holds for us. 

The primary goal from this episode is simple – for we introverts to recognise and celebrate our  introversion so we can build our careers and lives our life authentically. By acknowledging our introversion we introverts can begin to make choices that honour our needs and respects our boundaries. 

Key Points:

  • Let not the late discovery of introversion be our weakness, but our strength.
  • Introversion is not a flaw but a distinct temperament.
  • Live and create your authentic career and life, empowered by your introversion. 


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