Ep 216 Dealing with the Dream Crushers


In this latest episode, I venture into the challenging world of navigating dream crushers. These are the naysayers and doubters who can appear in various forms – from close family members to distant critics or even as our own inner voice of skepticism. 

Throughout the show, I share personal anecdotes and practical advice on how to identify these negative influences and effectively shield our aspirations from their discouraging effects.

We have the strength within us to persevere despite opposition. By establishing a firm belief in our dreams, intentionally surrounding ourselves with supportive people, asserting clear boundaries against negativity, focusing on our core purpose, and fostering resilience against setbacks, we equip ourselves with tools not just for survival but for thriving in pursuit of our ambitions. 

Key Points:

  • Identify & counteract dream crushers
  • Build belief; select positive company
  • Focus on purpose; develop resilience


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