Ep 186 Managing Your Early Career as an Introvert

The Flourishing Introverts Talks Podcast
The Flourishing Introverts Talks Podcast
Ep 186 Managing Your Early Career as an Introvert
Joanna recently worked with young people embarking on a professional apprenticeship and it got her thinking about what she might have done differently early on in her career if she had known she was an introvert.

In this episode, Joanna looks back on her early experiences in the workplace with the intention of supporting others who are at the beginning of their career journeys. Tune in as our host shares how we can embrace introversion and see it as a strength rather than a weakness.


  • Own your strengths as an introvert
  • Learning never ends
  • Honesty with compassion vs Brutal honesty
  • Choosing to be brave earlier on
  • Being clear on your life goals



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