An Introvert’s guide to the Festive Season

Today I was reminded how challenging this time of year can be for those of us who are not Social Introverts. As my myth-busting post yesterday explained, I’m not antisocial – I’m selectively sociable. With so many expectations of merry-making at work and family events currently, it’s enough to drive most introverts under the covers until the New Year.

So here are my personal tips for not only surviving this time of year but continuing to flourish; my ultimate aim.

1. I’m realistic about which invites I accept. Not all invites are created equal and I choose the company I want to keep.

2. Make sure they are not on consecutive days. It takes me a while these days to get back to being ready to ‘people’ again.

3. Don’t cave to the pressure to attend even if it’s applied by a family member! I don’t do guilt. If they love me, they’ll want the best for me too.

4. Plan my replenishment schedule so I’m as resourced as possible. This might be a duvet evening, a long, luxurious bath, reading a great book, watching a favourite movie (or two) or being in nature, especially on bright cold days.

5. Pay attention to my battery meter and take my leave before I’m running on empty. I can recharge quicker if I withdraw whilst I still have some energy.

6. Give reasons not excuses for those events I’m declining. Gone are the days when I was worried about upsetting people.

7. If circumstances change, its ok for me to change my mind. I have needs too and I’m not afraid to get them met

These are some of the things that keep me sane. I’m interested to hear what your strategies are so let me know.

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